Eternity III

We all each go through every day not knowing what it will bring. This is because we are each finite individuals with limited means of perception, unable to know what we can’t perceive with our five senses. Obviously, we have various means of technology that allow us to see the incredibly small or measure the most minute or grand of quantities. But we still cannot see within the minds of another individual, save perhaps CT scans and brain probes. Nor can we see into the future.

Not knowing is the supreme problem of our finite consciousnesses. Knowing all would be the supreme problem of an infinite consciousness.

Imagine creating a universe within your mind that is as real as all that you are perceiving now. How would you make it? Would you have all that you wanted – love, health, and wealth? You’ve probably had these such of dreams while sleeping.

What seems to be days (or even longer stretches of time) can pass in dreams. Its as if our brains are running faster than reality, creating their own bubble universes off of our waking one.

Imagine your brain were even more powerful than it currently is and could make those dreams reality. Days, weeks, months, years, and eons could pass by, and you’d have the power to fulfill all your wishes. You would have everything to the point of wanting nothing. They would cancel each other out, and a state that could be described as boredom might arise.

Ultimately, not knowing is the supreme problem of consciousness, but its also the primarily solution. If we knew exactly what were to happen in every way, having all power and ability to receive everything that we wanted, we would grow bored. Perhaps, if we had the ability to attain anything we wanted, we would divide ourselves into separate consciousnesses to deal with an eternal existence of knowing everything.

This is what I believe is the meaning of life. We are all one Consciousness, one Being (known to some as God) that are beyond any sort of duality in the ideal ultimate ‘Oneness’ that is beyond. Everything that we see is one with us and a part of the dream. It all began with the ‘Big Bang’ – the primordial, eternal Oneness ‘booting up’ an entire universal program in order to spend eternity ‘productively’.

This eternal, primordial oneness is ‘being and becoming’ – its cyclical with both beginning and end existing within every moment, in a timeless eternal present.

We tap into it when we see patterns, the same pattern states within every sentence or action. We perceive it when we find truth – not the entire truth, but small sections of it – within some sort of communication between two consciousnesses.

Children are perhaps closer to that primordial Oneness, in the sense that they lack concepts in language that divide their selves from the rest of existence. Children obviously are extremely curious, and as they develop, they acquire more and more symbols and connotations associated with things.

Essentially, a young human develops their ego by learning symbols and connotations associated with their perceptions that allow it to become a singular self. Theoretically, this singular self will succeed in life, passing on its genetic and cultural legacy. But the threat of loss and death is what drives human consciousness to find its oneness with reality.

With death, this arrangement of stardust animated by sunlight ceases to run, and the consciousness returns back to the oneness of dissipated molecules and simpler energetic processes.


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