“The word ‘soul’ supposedly originated from a Germanic word related to ‘coming from or belonging to the sea’. The usage of bottled water could be seen as a symbol for the entrapment of our souls. Water, ultimately residing in the sea after its long cyclical journey through the environment, is encased in an artificial containment and separated from the reality of nature. When used, and I put emphasis on this word, the prison of this water is hastily and recklessly disposed of and wasted – sometimes ending up in the oceans where its prisoner once desired to be. Just as water frees itself from its plastic prison and joins the whole in the circle of the hydrologic cycle, I hope humanity will realize the error of its ways and finally free itself from the entrapment of civilization. Of course, if this ever occurs, the broken and unused shell of it will always remain, floating endlessly without purpose over the blue face of this Earth.” – Justin Linn O’Brien


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